Services and Prices

Making sure your writing is clear, consistent, and accurate is important, but so is retaining your voice. After all, that’s what readers connect with the most! I have designed my editing services with this in mind. There are many different levels of editing, from looking at “big picture” issues to fixing micro-level problems. Here’s a summary of the services I offer.


Proofreading involves checking for errors and polishing your work prior to publication. It’s usually the final stage in the editing process and ensures your work is easily navigated and free of errors. It looks at, for example:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and so on
  • Formatting/layout issues

Here’s a handy link if you’re not sure whether proofreading is for you.



 Prices start at £9 per 1,000 words*


Copy-editing concentrates on language and improves the accuracy, consistency, and flow of the text. It ensures that the work is understandable and coherent and looks at:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Language: Is it clear? Appropriate for your audience? Repetitive? Does anything sound awkward or ambiguous?
  • Consistency in both style and content – spelling, hyphenation, timelines, hair colours, etc
  • Facts (light fact checking only)

The SfEP have a great description of copy-editing on their website


Prices start at £12 per 1,000 words*

Manuscript critique/assessment

professional, honest, and constructive assessment to help you improve your story. You will receive a comprehensive editorial report reviewing your work and highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. This will help you develop a revision plan. 

This level of editing concentrates on the big picture and any storytelling issues that may be present. It goes beyond beta reading, examining the story from a professional publishing standpoint.


Up to 80k words: £420 

Between 80–120k: £500 

For manuscripts above 120k, or for short stories and flash fiction, please enquire direct.

Sensitivity reading

I can provide sensitivity reading for mental health topics including anxiety disorders and depression.

This service is similar to a manuscript assessment, but hones in on mental health representation to ensure that you are depicting these issues accurately and sensitively, without causing offence or perpetuating stereotypes.



Up to 80k words: £320 

Between 80–120k: £420 

For manuscripts above 120k, or for short stories and flash fiction, please enquire direct.

*Please note that these are minimum rates. Every piece of work is different in terms of its complexity, and every author has different needs when working with an editor. For this reason, I always ask to look at your project before quoting for these services.


If more than one option appeals to you, just let me know and I would be happy to accommodate you.


To request your free quote, or if you have any questions about my editing services, feel free to get in touch!